Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Holy Cow!!! Has it really been almost 4 months since I updated this thing! Shows you how good I am at keeping track of my life! Not too much has happened since April. I did not have school over the summer and that was wonderful. Cole started doing gymnastics at the rec center. What a hoot! To see a class filled with 2 yr olds running, flipping and just generally having a great time was wonderful. He jumps even more now! I started school again two weeks ago. I do not have school this week thanks to the Democrats. I am grateful to not be down there with all the people that Karl has seen downtown. Karl got chosen as one of the techs that just get to be downtown in case there is an incident that required immediate HVAC attention. He is basically bored out of his mind! 
I am still looking for a really adorable and CHEAP scooter. I want one that looks adorable, preferably one that looks like the 50's Vespa. They are just so expensive.  A scooter will just be such a gas saver when I drive to the light rail station.
I really am tired right now, but cannot sleep. I took Cole to the doctor today for his cough and crazy bump on his head. I figured he only had a cold, but he kept telling me his throat hurt (I am so grateful for a talking two year old! God knew that I could not handle a child that did not say a word! Thanks! ) The bump was a swollen lymph node. How weird is that! He did take a good nap today so I was able to pick up his toys again! I really need to get a system down like grandma has! 
I did watch my show "project Runway" and that crazy guy that always did fringe is OFF!!! Finally! I am liking Kato and the 50's looking gal. The challenges for this season are pretty crazy. I did see the promos for a project runway party though and I think that it would be a blast. Maybe i could convince Erin that we need to do a family night like that!
Brooke did my hair yesterday! It looks WONDERFUL!!!! She is wonderful at working with hair! She is an amazing friend! We are going to the temple tomorrow and I am really excited to get out away from everything and just hang out. I truly love my little man, but mama needs a few hours this week! I know I am terrible.
Mom and dad are heading to Hawaii next week! It is about time that mom and dad go on another trip. My only problem is that Cole wants to see grandma every day and is getting very concerned that grandma and grandpa are not home when we go to water their plants and take in their mail!
Ok, so it is officially tomorrow-or today- whatever! I guess I need some rest for the morning! We got a new computer about a month ago, so I don't have any pictures on this one yet, but I will try to put them on this weekend! So, when I am back on, i will be back!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Ok, I was so lucky to win a women's boot camp spot at our Young Men/Young Women fundraising auction. I am VERY excited! It starts tomorrow at 5:30am! That really works for me because Karl will still be home so he can take care of Cole. The guy that runs the camp is in our ward and is ex-military. I am going to hurt! I was looking on-line for workout info and came across the greatest pictures ever. You will have to tell me what you think! I only hope that I can be that dedicated! More tomorrow!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

This is our boy playing the drum at the zoo!!! He loves the drums! We saw the monkeys, the elephants, the gorillias and the penguins. Coles grandma and grandpa Romriell went with us and we all had a wonderful day. When did you and your family last go to the zoo?
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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Long Promised Update

So I have totally flaked out on updating my blog for a very long time! We have had a lot of things going on in our family. One of the first things is that Chloe, our bassett, had 5 puppies! They are adorable! Then we had an accident! One of the dads, both schnauzers, attacked the girl puppies, killing one and seriously hurting another. This began our legal problems with the dogs! We dropped $1500 dollars in two days on the dogs! The schnauzers were taken to a local shelter to be put up for adoption the day after the accident. The little girl in the hospital we brought home the next day and have decided to name her Persephone. Obviously we are keeping her! We have been able to adopt out one boy puppy. He is now living with his new family in Colorado Springs and is appearantly doing wonderfully! We are expecting to have another puppy going to a new home within a week and who knows about the last boy.

I am still going to college. I attend Metro State College and am pursuing a business degree. I go to campus two days a week, and I have my angel mother to watch Cole until Karl gets home.

I am also training for a triathalon. My sister, Erin, is a powerful and amazing motivator and she has convinced me that if I train, I can do a triathalon! Who would have guessed. I have attached the link to the Triathalon blog.

We are also getting ready for Karl's parents to come for a visit this weekend! It has been a long time since they were last able to come and visit so we are excited for them to come! We have done some painting and will continue to get ready until they get here i expect. Well, Cole is awake now so I have to go! Look for more soon!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

New Year

I cannot believe that it has been over 3 months since I have looked at this blog! A lot has happened since then. I got three A's and a B last semester (thanks to Erin), started on medication for anxiety and ADHD, started a new semester, got called as RS teacher, Chloe (the bassett) had 5 puppies and that is just what I remember off the top of my head!!!!! It is amazing how fast everything actually goes! Well, I have to try and keep Cole from spinning himself sick! Talk to you soon!

Friday, October 5, 2007

Well, this is a new experience! I will get new pictures on here soon! Happy Fall!