Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Long Promised Update

So I have totally flaked out on updating my blog for a very long time! We have had a lot of things going on in our family. One of the first things is that Chloe, our bassett, had 5 puppies! They are adorable! Then we had an accident! One of the dads, both schnauzers, attacked the girl puppies, killing one and seriously hurting another. This began our legal problems with the dogs! We dropped $1500 dollars in two days on the dogs! The schnauzers were taken to a local shelter to be put up for adoption the day after the accident. The little girl in the hospital we brought home the next day and have decided to name her Persephone. Obviously we are keeping her! We have been able to adopt out one boy puppy. He is now living with his new family in Colorado Springs and is appearantly doing wonderfully! We are expecting to have another puppy going to a new home within a week and who knows about the last boy.

I am still going to college. I attend Metro State College and am pursuing a business degree. I go to campus two days a week, and I have my angel mother to watch Cole until Karl gets home.

I am also training for a triathalon. My sister, Erin, is a powerful and amazing motivator and she has convinced me that if I train, I can do a triathalon! Who would have guessed. I have attached the link to the Triathalon blog.

We are also getting ready for Karl's parents to come for a visit this weekend! It has been a long time since they were last able to come and visit so we are excited for them to come! We have done some painting and will continue to get ready until they get here i expect. Well, Cole is awake now so I have to go! Look for more soon!

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