Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Holy Cow!!! Has it really been almost 4 months since I updated this thing! Shows you how good I am at keeping track of my life! Not too much has happened since April. I did not have school over the summer and that was wonderful. Cole started doing gymnastics at the rec center. What a hoot! To see a class filled with 2 yr olds running, flipping and just generally having a great time was wonderful. He jumps even more now! I started school again two weeks ago. I do not have school this week thanks to the Democrats. I am grateful to not be down there with all the people that Karl has seen downtown. Karl got chosen as one of the techs that just get to be downtown in case there is an incident that required immediate HVAC attention. He is basically bored out of his mind! 
I am still looking for a really adorable and CHEAP scooter. I want one that looks adorable, preferably one that looks like the 50's Vespa. They are just so expensive.  A scooter will just be such a gas saver when I drive to the light rail station.
I really am tired right now, but cannot sleep. I took Cole to the doctor today for his cough and crazy bump on his head. I figured he only had a cold, but he kept telling me his throat hurt (I am so grateful for a talking two year old! God knew that I could not handle a child that did not say a word! Thanks! ) The bump was a swollen lymph node. How weird is that! He did take a good nap today so I was able to pick up his toys again! I really need to get a system down like grandma has! 
I did watch my show "project Runway" and that crazy guy that always did fringe is OFF!!! Finally! I am liking Kato and the 50's looking gal. The challenges for this season are pretty crazy. I did see the promos for a project runway party though and I think that it would be a blast. Maybe i could convince Erin that we need to do a family night like that!
Brooke did my hair yesterday! It looks WONDERFUL!!!! She is wonderful at working with hair! She is an amazing friend! We are going to the temple tomorrow and I am really excited to get out away from everything and just hang out. I truly love my little man, but mama needs a few hours this week! I know I am terrible.
Mom and dad are heading to Hawaii next week! It is about time that mom and dad go on another trip. My only problem is that Cole wants to see grandma every day and is getting very concerned that grandma and grandpa are not home when we go to water their plants and take in their mail!
Ok, so it is officially tomorrow-or today- whatever! I guess I need some rest for the morning! We got a new computer about a month ago, so I don't have any pictures on this one yet, but I will try to put them on this weekend! So, when I am back on, i will be back!

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